Alternative Energy Investments

There are several types of alternative energy investments that people can feel comfortable investing in. Developments in alternative energy is something that will be making great progress for years to come.  This can also mean something as simple as developing products that will benefit the environment as well as provide the homeowner with energy savings.

An alternative energy mutual fund is a mutual fund company that collects money from investors who are looking to make money by investing in the alternative energy companies. Alternative energy mutual funds also invest in companies such as wind, geothermal or solar energy, all of which promote a clean environment.

A couple of these alternative energy mutual fund companies that have been around for a while include:

-The New Alternatives Fund: NALFX Mutual Fund, began 1982: investments in a variety of companies focusing on renewable energy sources, as well as interests in companies focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection

-The Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund Review GAGEX , symbol GAAEX, began 2006: The fund invests in global companies that “receive more than 50 percent of their revenue from alternative energy or alternative energy technology

One of the most profitable energy options is renewable energy stocks that make good investments because sooner or later they will be the only alternative forms of energy that will exist beyond oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear.

By investing enough resources into renewable energy we can set up our future free from oil dependency from the Middle East.  Renewable energy, as it is infinite and free, can actually generate enough power to satisfy all of our energy needs.

The sun is open for business on a daily basis. It doesn’t need to set an alarm clock to get up in the morning. It wakes up filled with enough solar energy for everyone. This bodes well for solar energy stocks as well as green mutual funds. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has indicated that enough electrical power can be generated for the entire country by covering about 9% of Nevada with solar power systems. This is a plot of land roughly 92 miles by 92 miles.

You ever hear of the jet stream? This is neither run by jets nor streams but with strong blowing winds that would cause your eyes to tear way up high in the sky.  The DOE has also stated that wind power could provide 5,800 quads of energy each year. That’s about 15 times the current global energy demand. This bodes well for wind energy.

The continents are surrounded by large bodies of water called oceans. Have you ever been hit by a wave that knocked you over?  Hydro or wave power is a constant and why not turn that into energy. The Electric Power Research Institute has estimated the wave energy along the U.S. coastline at 2,100 Twh per year. That’s half the total U.S. consumption of electricity.

According to the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, if all the cars on the road were hybrids, and half were Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles by 2025 – U.S. imports would be reduced by 8 million barrels per day. That’s about 80% of our daily consumption!

Alternative energy jobs will help the economy get back on track and here’s why…

According to The Wall Street Journal:
“…[Obama] will invest $15 billion a year over the next decade in renewable energy, creating five million new, green jobs that pay well, can’t be outsourced, and can help end our dependence on Middle East oil.”

Wind and solar companies should be big beneficiaries from this of this bill. There are three different opportunities to profit through alternative energy investing.

If you’re looking for a mix of all areas of alt. energy, then Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF (NYSE:GEX) is the way to go.

What if you’re a big fan of wind power, there’s the First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy Index Fund (NYSE: FAN).

For the sunshine “solar” enthusiasts, there’s an ETF made up entirely of solar companies, the Claymore/MAC Global Solar Index (NYSE: TAN).

There are plenty of alternative energy investments for the investor. Remember to still do your due diligence on any potential investment you make.

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