4 Solar Energy Stocks To Invest Your Money On

Solar energy is renewable energy. Although most countries still haven’t seen or experienced the full potential of solar energy, there is already a massive growth in the renewable energy industry. Many companies have now taken part in the creation of solar cells and panels that can convert the sun’s UV rays into energy. It would be interesting to watch the progress of this industry.

Expect the renewable energy industry to keep on growing in the next few years. And since there is an inflating demand for it, investors have also flocked to solar energy stocks. If you are also looking for , why not check out this opportunity?

Which company should you put your money on? Some of the companies listed that offer solar energy stocks are Aleo Solar, Centrosolar, Energy Conversion Devices, and Conergy AG.

Aleo Solar’s company turnover as of the first quarter of 2011 is a whopping € 553.5 million. They are one of the premium distributors of solar modules to the market that needs photovoltaic systems. Bosch Group, the company that produces some of the most stellar appliances today, has acquired a large portion of Aleo Solar AG. Since 2006, they have already been listed on the stock exchange and they are currently maintaining a strong presence globally.

Centrosolar is a company founded in Germany. This is actually one of frontrunners in the European stock exchange market. They specialize in creating PV or photovoltaic systems that cater to houses and industrial establishments.

Energy Conversion Devices, a company based in Michigan, produces Ovonics. This is an electronic field that utilizes materials that can change from the nonconducting state into a semi conducting state. This is essential in the progress of amorphous semiconductors, often used to create renewable energy resources.

Conergy AG is also a good contender in the stock exchange market. They are a part of the solar energy industry. As of 2007, they already had a turnover of about 706 million euros. They are currently listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Today, they already have subsidiaries worldwide. They cater to wholesalers, industrial roof owners, solar power investors and installers of solar energy.

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