Best Clean Energy Stocks To Buy Now

The renewable energy industry is fast becoming a lucrative industry. With the participation of the government of big countries in becoming energy production a lot renewable, many companies have taken it upon themselves to push the envelope in creating ways to produce renewable energy.

Since the year 2000, more and more companies are being listed in the stock exchange. The renewable energy industry is now profiting a whopping 77 billion dollars as of 2007.

Invest your money on clean energy stocks right now and see your profits grow. Some of the are First American Scientific Corp., Abengoa, China Sunergy Co. LTD, LongYuan Power and EnerNOC.

First American Scientific Corp. specializes in developing biomass renewable energy. They produce and sell KDS Micronex. This is a machine that grinds and dries materials minus the use of heating elements. Abengoa is pushing thermal energy to replace heating devices at home. This is a Spanish corporation that specializes in telecommunications, environment, energy and transportation businesses. They are currently testing the waters in solely focusing their concentration on solar power.

China Sunergy focuses on photovoltaic energy. This is the by-product of solar cell panels. This company mainly creates and distributes solar cells crafted from silicon wafers. Although their main customers are based in China, they also distribute worldwide. As of late, they have expanded their solar cell manufacturing to include the production of multi and monocrystalline solar cells.

EnerNOC focuses in unearthing the full potential of energy management for all establishments including commercial, industrial and institutional establishments. They have successfully boomed in the past few yeas because of their top of the line energy management applications such as the DemandSmart and the Efficiency Smart applications. These are cost-effective applications that can allow big establishments to cut back on energy utility costs. They have recently announced their biggest leap in the stock exchange market.

The growth of these companies is evident in the past few years. As the renewable energy industry booms rapidly, the stocks are also becoming more and more promising. Buy your stocks now and invest your money on this rapidly growing industry.

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