Build a Windmill To Change Our Energy Dependency

We are in the middle of an energy crisis. Our fuel sources tend to be running low, and we are leaving an permanent mark in our environment. However, there are things that you can do to change your energy dependency. Building a windmill is a fantastic way in reducing your energy costs and to eliminate carbon footprint on earth as alternative renewable energy that is available for free.

Once you have made the decision that you want to commit to constructing a windmill in your home you will need to spend a little time doing some analysis. The first step in constructing a windmill is taking a careful look at learning the quantity and pressure of wind, known as the quantum, that flows through your property. If you have been in your house for a fair period of time you most likely have a good idea, but if not you will want to take some time to document the wind levels in your area.

You second step toward constructing a windmill is to establish a construction plan. You might have to accomplish a little research about this, but it is not a tough plan to develop for those who do not have a technical qualifications. When developing your windmill-building plan you don’t have to buy the top of the line equipment. There are very inexpensive yet powerful pieces of equipment on the market. You can actually get a windmill-building project going for under $200. That is a small amount of money to invest when you think about the money that you will be saving by supplementing your energy from your windmill. In fact, it is really worth noting that by using a windmill as your primary power source you will be able to save around 95% on your energy prices.

When constructing a windmill you will want to buy a DC motor. This might be the most crucial supply for your windmill project, but it is also the highest priced one. You will need to be prepared to spend about $35 on your DC motor, but it will be the heart of your windmill’s operating system so you will be sure to recoup your prices quickly.

According to your individual building plan you will then need to buy the other parts that you have set out on your to buy list. It is a great time to do this while you are waiting for your DC motor to come in.

You will also have to spend some time looking for a recycled body for the windmill project. By finding a recycled one, you will not only be saving yourself money, but you will also be practicing the earth awareness that you were trying to take on with your original project of making a windmill.

Once you have purchased all of the items that you need you can begin production of your windmill. If you get your entire family in on the act then it might only take you about five days to put it together. If you decide to make a wind generator together with your family, it won’t only help to save you money, but it will also help bring your family together!