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Crucial Considerations On 3 Ways To Think About Solar Electricity

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

If you are entertaining the idea of alternative forms of energy generation, you’re almost certainly wondering about solar panels. You’ll find 3 various ways to generate solar electricity this way and every one has certain setup and equipment needs. Let’s look at the various techniques:

For grid inter-tied, we will be completely linked to the local electricity supplier. When you do that the power produced from the solar panels is sent through an inverter and through an AC breaker unit, supplying the household needs but in addition delivering it back via the meter to your utility grid. In some instances your meter will move backwards as you receive credits for the amount of power that you’re generating over and above your usual, home needs.

The next technique we can look at is basically much like the initial except that this one has a battery backup as well. At this point, if a blackout occurs you’ll have the means to retain some of the energy that you created, so that you will be able to function even during darkness. Although this option may not be as efficient in total terms as the previous one, many homeowners appreciate the security they can get by initially paying for any additional components essential to put a battery bank into the line.

Of more value to those people who live in very out of the way areas, an off grid system can nonetheless be the final word with regards to providing for yourself and maintaining self-sufficiency. This might require a certain type of living however and when you’ve been used to the “constantly accessible” power available from the supplier, you will invariably become used to switching things off whenever you don’t need them and using your generated power sparingly, too.

There are quite a few components needed in any system however so if you are not so inclined you may well find it better to talk to professionals in this field, who will be able to handle the design and assembly of systems in accordance with your defined specifications.

How Solar Energy Panels Can Save You Money On Your House

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Of all of the renewable energy sources open to home users, Solar Energy Panels might provide the best choice to supplying their own power and so saving money on their present power bills, but there is the question of the Solar Energy Prices to be taken into consideration first. For a standard family house a Solar Energy Panels system might cost about £12,000, which gives the home user a 2.2 kW output Solar Energy Panels system, which in turn comes to about 40% of the standard demand of power for a family house. This Solar Energy Panels system can also earn the home user some money by way of the feed-in tariff whereby any power that the Solar Energy Panels system produces can earn about £770 per year. Further, if the Solar Energy Panels system produces more electricity than the family needs, then this can be transfered to the national grid, which can earn the home user about £30 per year. Along with the savings on their standard electricity bills of about £120 per year, the Solar Energy Panels system can earn the home user about £920 per year.

For the Solar Energy Prices of about £12,000 the home user thus might need about 13 years in order to earn the equivalent from their Solar Energy Panels system. It might take longer than this if the home user needed to take out a loan in order to pay the Solar Energy Prices. From then onwards though, the Solar Energy Panels system is effectively earning the home user free power, so provided they can afford the Solar Energy Prices in the first place they can have a nice little earner.

The good things about a Solar Energy Panels system is that it is low running costs, requiring some cleaning if the Solar Energy Panels become dirty and the rain has been unable to clean them. Apart from that the home user might expect about 45 years life from their Solar Energy Panels system, surely worth the Solar Energy Prices paid initially.

How Photovoltaic Solar Panels Will Save You Money

Monday, November 29th, 2010

One of our brightest natural resources is hovering over us every single day and yet many of us don’t think to use it to help heat our homes. This thought process is changing and many now are turning to photovoltaic cells and the sun to help save energy and money.

As customers become informed about the necessity of saving on energy use, many individuals are choosing to install residential solar fuel systems. The solar fueled house consumes minimal electricity and is ecologically sound. However, a lot of people are worried about how much it will cost. This article will instruct you in how the installation of solar panels for your residence can really be an investment that saves expenses in the long run.

Photovoltaic is defined as obtaining electricity from light. This solar fueled system utilizes sunlight to fuel ordinary household devices like technological equipment, appliances, and lights. Possessing a photovoltaic or PV system allows you to produce your own energy from sunlight, a renewable and no-cost resource. PV systems don’t ever require refueling, emit no toxins, and may be anticipated to run for as long as 25 years with limited upkeep. A conventional PV system on your residence’s roof can eliminate the emission of 34 tons of greenhouse gas for the duration of its use.

photovoltaic cells

The electricity produced by a PV cell is based on the level of light exposure it receives. Thus, PV cells typically produce more solar power on sunny days than overcast ones. This does not imply that your solar fueled system will not operate beneath cloudy skies. Lately, PV technology has been integrated into residential as well as commercial roofs and exterior walls.

As you assess what solar fueled system will ideally satisfy your requirements, make certain to take into consideration the level of power you want to produce with solar panels, along with costs of installation and access to sunlight. The size of your roof will dictate how many solar energy modules you can install. But remember that installation of greater numbers of modules is no longer cost efficient at some point. Make certain to perform a survey utilizing a Solar Pathfinder to determine the total energy production of partly shaded areas to decide if greater numbers of solar panels would be an economic advantage.

photovoltaic system

There are tremendous financial and ecological advantages to installing a solar fueled system for your residence or workplace. Along with lowering or actually eliminating your electric bills, solar panels will dramatically add to your house’s resale value. Your savings can reimburse what you spent on your solar system in as little as 5 years, along with the federal rebates provided to customers who make efforts to achieve more ecologically beneficial houses.

When considering the environment, you cannot put a price on solar power. The energy source is pure, renewable, and without cost. As the technology is improved and grows more affordable, increasing numbers of people are turning to green solutions. This is a great way to help our planet and preserve its resources for the next generation.

By: Martin Landex

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The Power of Solar Panels is Raising Awareness
With objective information on how photovoltaic technology can harness the power of the sun, the aim is to actively promote the benefits of photovoltaics and educate those who are not familiar with it.

The Day when Photovoltaic Technology Becomes Mainstream
Photovoltaic technology or in other words solar energy is growing in popularity all over the world because it generates clean electricity and it can produce heat at the same time.

As the desire for more cost effective power alternatives increases, handyman Martin Landex, specializing in Sacramento solar roofing installations, is kept quite busy. Along with the normal tasks of Sacramento re-roofing and Sacramento gutters, Martin sees the steady increase of requests by clients for solar panel installation by Sacramento re-roofing contractor.

Solar Energy Panels: Commercial and Home Use

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The time is ripe to build solar panels for businesses and homes alike getting the best out of your solar energy investment.


The demand for the solar energy is on the rise these days. The  increased concern about the Global Warming and various widespread forms of pollutions has resulted in growing concern about the alternative sources of energy. There has been observed a dire need for the the non-polluting forms of energy, of which Solar panels is an important example.

The demand for the solar energy is on the rise these days. The increased concern about the Global Warming and various widespread forms of pollutions has resulted in growing concern about the alternative sources of energy. There has been observed a dire need for the the non-polluting forms of energy, of which Solar panels is an important example.

panels solar energy

Installable anywhere on top of the roofs

These days there is a trend on the part of retail houses to use panels atop the roofs of their showrooms for meeting energy needs. The idea behind this is to cut down the indoor operating costs, to ensure the working at cheaper cost levels. Thus switching over to the Solar panels pays back to the retailers in long term in form of savings on the bills of taxes. In addition it is also the deserving contribution to the great cause of environmental conservation and campaigns. The well known eco-friendly aspects of solar energy utilization are well demonstrated in this way.

Printable Panels- A New Craze

Konarka Technologies ,a company in solar energy sector in association with Massachusetts based technology collaboration has came out with a novel type of -Printable solar panels. These panels based on inkjet printing techniques has significantly reduced the manufacturing costs of these panels. The interesting thing about theses panels is that these can be coated or printed directly onto the surface exposed to the sunlight. This has proved a major breakthrough in application of solar energy use methods.

Solar Panel borne cellular phones

Now solar panels are not all about the bulky and spacious frames mounted on stands in open and rooftops. Solar panels has found their way onto straps of cellular phones owing to the efforts of a Japanese team working hereupon. Now there shall be no need to worry about forgetting your mobile phone charger somewhere else, thanks to the solar panels enabled cellular phones. The strap shall contain solar panels to catch solar energy required for function of the gadget. Presently this technology is being provided by Strap-ya and is known as solar charge EC. Such technology is going to make the telecommunication too eco-friendly than the chemical based batteries.

Now solar energy driven space vehicles

Presently great effort is underway on the part of researchers for developing the sophisticated solar panels which can be used for powering space ships. Such panels shall most probably have silicon infused amorphous forms. A contract has been executed between r Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at New Mexico and United Solar Ovonic to collaborate upon the development of airship and spacecraft purpose solar panels. The first lot of solar panels develop[ed by Solar Ovonic has shown light weight properties and is mounted upon stainless steel.

solar collector panels

Solar panels on fabrics

The extremely thin and modifiable solar panels are being developed by Japanese companies to suit mimic fabrics. Furthermore such type of solar panels can be desirably colored like cloth, Thus the days of eco-friendly garments is not a distant dream.

The Advantages of Solar Panels
People who are concerned about the world and the environment are learning how to make solar panels because of its many benefits.

How Do You Install Residential Solar Panels?
How Do You Put In Solar Panels? If one has purchased this alternative energy system but hasn’t figured its installation part just yet, this is the primary query one would ask.

Making Solar Energy More Affordable
Light, flexible solar panels made with nanotechnology will soon bring down the cost of installing household solar energy systems.

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By John Mahoney
Published: 9/18/2008

Solar Electricity Systems Used Around The World

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Are we the solar electricity generation?

Thanks to progressive local, state and national policies and a bit of good, old ingenuity, businesses the world over are slowly going green. For years, many small business owners who had little in the way of investment capital only took marginal steps towards a greener way of doing business due to the high cost of solar power, wind generators and other green technology. Now that solar electricity systems are coming down in price, and more government programs are cropping up to help offset the initial investment cost, businesses everywhere are realizing the advantages of going green.


When most people think of wine, images of the Napa Valley or of an ancient vineyard in the Champagne region of France comes to mind. However, thanks to the seemingly never ending demand for new and fresh wines, every state in the union now offers at least one winery. In Oregon, a state that has long had a sterling reputation in the environmental movement, a number of wineries are now going solar. For many, it is a natural fit since the grapes are already being grown on south-facing hills, which is the proper direction in which to mount solar electricity systems. Even in the rainier parts of the state, solar panels have become as common as gas stations.

how to solar electricity

Businesses aren’t the only ones getting in on the green wave. Charities are stepping up to the plate and doing their part to help those in need and mother earth at the same time. A recent Habitat for Humanity home built in Connecticut came complete with a rooftop solar panel array. According to officials with Habitat for Humanity, the family for whom the home was built can expect upwards of $90 per month in free power. It is unknown if more Habitat homes will come with solar electricity systems, but since many of these homes are built for the underprivileged, it is logical that a low cost, or even free, form of renewable power be provided as part of the home.

Sometimes, all a business needs to go green is a big, hefty reward waiting for it. A Hudson Valley company that creates and markets green technologies entered a contest to see if it could create more energy than it uses. The winning business receives a $10,000 reward. Currently, thanks to a series of solar panels and a groundbreaking (literally) geothermal system that cycles water underground, the 5,000&#43 square foot building pumps more energy back onto the grid than it takes out. Since the company itself sells similar solar electricity systems to consumers in New York State, it was a challenge the owners took very seriously. They say that a similar system could be set up for any small business in the area and for most homes.

When your business goes green, you not only save on your energy bills, you have an incredible marketing tool at your disposal.

motor home solar power

As more and more people jump on the greening bandwagon, businesses that have been ahead of the curve will surely reap the rewards.


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DIY Home Solar Power
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World’s Largest Solar Power Plants
The first of these solar power plants, sized at 100 megawatts and located in Ivanpah, California, could be operating in early 2013 and is expected to produce 286000 megawatt-hours of renewable Energy.

Solar Electricty: Tech Trader Daily Review
The silver lining here is that in the long run, much lower prices for polysilicon are the most direct way to bring down solar electricity production costs low enough to compete with conventional electricity.

Reduce Electric Bill
Save a small fortune in electricity bills by making a few adjustments to your home.

By Brent Crouch
Published: 2/11/2009

Reasons To Use Solar Energy Panels

Monday, February 9th, 2009

The Advantages of Solar Energy Panels

Are you thinking about making an investment in Solar Power for your home or business? Well the time is right as there are multiple reasons why it makes sense now but also, it is important to know that the benefits of Solar Systems will increase over time.

1. SOLAR PANELS SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH AND FOREVER Solar will save you money on electricity costs and protect you from future rate increases.

Electricity rates are at an all time high and and are showing no signs of going down. Switching to solar will increasing your financial independence by locking in your future electric bills.

2. SOLAR ELECTRIC INCREASES HOME VALUES Solar Electric increases your home value and can even more then the cost of the solar electric system itself.

This 1998 study by ICF Consulting concluded that saving $1 per year on energy costs certainly adds $20 to a home’s value or more. A saving of $1,000 per year increases a home’s value by $20,000.

3. THINK OF IT AS A CONSERVATIVE INVESTMENT In this current market, returns on a solar electric investment may be higher than your other investments.

These Massachusetts residents LuAnn Kuder and Maureen O’Brien found they "beat" Wall Street by investing in solar. Over the past 100 years, the stock market has returned just below 10% per year as an average. Solar electric ROI likely beats this, especially in states with high electricity costs.

4. FEEL GOOD ABOUT PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Using solar power means less "brown power" produced by utility companies which means fewer emissions, less pollution, and a cleaner environment.

Most utility companies use coal and natural gas-fired power plants which emit greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, radioactive materials, and heavy metals. So, power plants contribute to smog, acid rain, and global warming, affecting public health and our society’s future.

cost of solar panels

5. INCREASING NATIONAL SECURITY Installing a solar electric system reduces all our dependence on foreign energy.

There is no denying that our nation is becoming more and more reliant on foreign energy sources. The U.S. currently imports the majority of its energy supplies and has imported 166,270 million cubic feet more natural gas every year since 1985.

6. MONEY AND JOBS STAY AT HOME Supporting renewable energy in the U.S. helps to improve our economy by keeping money and jobs at home. These jobs get created when you make the decision to go solar.

The study by Navigant Consulting demonstrated that almost half a million permanent jobs and $232 billion in investment would be supported by the solar energy industry alone if Congress extends the federal tax rebates for solar for 8 years.

7. REDUCTION OF YOUR DEPENDENCE ON THE POWER GRID Solar electric systems are like a power plant on your roof, producing the energy you need clean, smart and efficient.

As 67% of the energy in fossil fuels is lost when it’s converted to electricity it is inefficient, 9-10% is lost as heat when transported to your home. Using solar panels on your prevents wasting energy or money because all the power you make is used in your home.

8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOLAR TAX CREDITS With the combination of state and federal solar tax credits, the cost of your solar electric system is significantly reduced.

Many states offer solar rebates as well, the most generous of which are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

solar panels for home technolgy

9. NEWLY AFFORDABLE & BETTER TECHNOLOGY SOLAR OPTIONS As companies and local governments become better informed, solar electricity is becoming more and more affordable.

Companies and governments are innovating with financing and programs for homeowners to go solar electric Whether this is a city-sponsored solar loan, a home solar service (PPA), or a solar lease, the various options becoming available reduce upfront costs.

10. SPREAD THE WORD Inspire your neighbors by being the first on your block to install a solar electric system.

Saving Money on The Low Cost of Solar Panels
A solar panel DIY system can save you a fortune and reduce your carbon footprint.

Investing In The Sun
After a few years of growing rates you will probably end up wishing you had made the investment in a home solar panel system.

Solar Panels and Power
Solar power and solar panels are getting a lot of attention as part of the solution to our energy crisis. Solar energy, also called photovoltaic energy, is undergoing rapid changes thanks to massive investment.

By: Randy Connors

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