Enjoying Green Living to Secure Our Families Future

Globally nature is being alarmingly impacted by man-made emissions, spillage and effluent, two of the most noticeable effects being climate change and acid rain. It looks as if we’re disregarding the damage we’re causing this amazing planet of ours. How wonderful it would be if we could breathe clean air in our towns, uncontaminated by poisons and toxins caused by our way of living. But this is no longer possible; we humans have ensured that with the pollution we’ve created we’ll be breathing in airborne poisons, which can impair our habitat and ultimately our health.

Our immense oceans, which make up most of the earth’s surface, are being poisoned by pollutants, mainly toxins and oil, which have a devastating consequence on the life found in the ocean and as a result of that it affects us. For plenty of people who made a living from the sea by fishing they no longer have a job because of pollution. Towns have depended on fishing for such a long time, for both food and economic prospects, and now all of this is coming to an end for many. Anyone wanting to be persuaded of how destructive oil spills are, need look no further than the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster, which cost billions to finally fix and left many unemployed. The entire ecosystem was damaged by the large numbers of wildlife that perished, avian as well as marine, causing a backlash along the whole of the food chain. All of this just to harvest oil, a pathetic example of humans putting themselves before other creatures and the planet.

Rather than investing in the latest green energy methodologies and further research into new possibilities, we persist in spending billions of dollars on oil exploration. Green energy has absolutely no impact on the environment and can still furnish a lot of energy for people. Take solar panels by way of example, they will work efficiently in sunlit locations and they can produce electricity as well as heat up water. And something that’s every bit as simple in concept, wind turbines, makes use of another free resource (wind) to make energy. The great thing about wind turbines, assuming that there’s enough wind, is that they work all day and all night. Everybody should be aware that the time to carry out an aggressive green energy program is now, given the environmental damage caused by oil, and the limited supply thereof. If we did that, global warming as well as the other ruinous results of pollution could very well be stopped, and just possibly reversed.

It is us that are going to benefit in the short term and generations to come will benefit in the long term. We desire for our children to grow up surrounded by all the beauty the earth is gifted with, happy and without fear of violent, distressing weather events and food shortages. Beginning to live green, in addition to taking good care of the environment, is the only way we can ensure this.

It will take time, money and a huge amount of effort to try and minimize the damage of our actions on the environment, but it will be worth it.

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