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An investment which any investor needs to seriously consider is one in alternative energy stocks. This is a sector with incredible growth potential and is a good bet for investors looking for some stocks which will perform well in the long term. Money which is invested in these stocks also assists in achieving the worthwhile objective of increasing the use of alternative energy technologies.

It is predicted that by2013, alternative energy will be a $13 billion business. What does this tell investors? Basically, it says that there is some serious potential here. buying stock in an alternative energy start up now could result in your having some stock in the next big thing in the energy sector in a few years time. Consumers are getting tired of paying the high costs of petroleum based fuels. While this by itself isn’t enough information to go on, it does tell you that this is a field which is almost certain to grow and grow fast.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t research the companies you are considering investing in. You may want to get the advice of a financial planner when trying to make your decision; while some companies seem like a very solid investment, you shouldn’t just go buy any and every stock in the industry. Sanjay Shrestha, an analyst at First Albany Capital cautions that investors should be cautious about chasing these stocks. You probably know that these stocks tend to be in young companies, largely startups. There is little in the way of earnings at this stage, meaning that there could be bubbling in the short term, much as what happened with dot coms around the turn of the century. This would not be good news for investors.

The advice of analysts and financial planners can be very helpful to you in making wise investments in the alternative energy sector. You should look for companies to invest in which have a real strategy to bring in revenue and stay away from the stocks representing companies which are long on technology and offer no revenue.

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Juliet Davenport, Chief Executive of the UK alternative energy supplier Good Energy tells us that the outlook for the alternative energy industry looks bright. However, this is an industry which is at a crucial juncture; these companies need the continued support of governments, of customers and especially of investors to ensure their growth and the growth of alternative energy sources as a whole.

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