Plumbers Must Have Green Energy Skills

Plumbers need to take green energy courses because of the increasing investment in low carbon technologies, stated the chief executive of SummitSkills.

Keith Marshall said that future jobs and employment in the plumbing and heating sector depend on the ability of businesses and employers to develop the green energy skills to deal with the task of fitting environmental technologies.

During the recession many plumbing businesses that trained their staff through green energy courses to work in environmental technologies have seen considerable growth, claims Mr Marshall.

Green energy courses will benefit people who have completed plumbing courses as it will provide abilities to add to the existing sector skills set and job functions in the plumbing industry.

Keith Marshall said that people who have passed plumbing courses will “simply up-skill” through the additional training of green energy courses by learning the knowledge of how to install environmental appliances.

Plumbers who have completed green energy courses will have the competitive edge over others whether it is in relation to securing a new business opportunity or finding a job.

Keith Marshall said that it is the priority of SummitSkills to highlight the importance of green energy courses and they are actively encouraging employees and bosses to ensure that the right training is undertaken.

The Labour Budget in March outlined the intention of the United Kingdom to become a world leader in low carbon industries as well as a &pound2; billion investment bank to back low carbon initiatives.

SummitSkills has secured approval to build a National Skills Academy (NSA) which will help businesses through green energy courses.

The NSA will focus on developing design skills, product knowledge, commissioning and maintenance, and innovation so that plumbers are more confident when it comes to installing eco-friendly appliances.

Short green energy courses can initially help people get a grip on the important factors to consider, learn more about the new technologies and make right decisions, according to Keith Marshall.

He said: “This Building Services Engineering (BSE) Green Skills Academy will play a key role in ensuring that this skills capability is developed and that the BSE sector can become more proactive in promoting the green agenda to consumers and acting as a trailblazer for green skills.”

The British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association has offered full support to the recommendation that government should work in partnership with the electrotechnical industry on smart meters and a smarter energy network.

Able Skills provide training through plumbing courses and green energy courses. Able Skills have opened an Energy Saving Training Centre to provide approved training on the installation of energy efficient forms of heating and lighting.