Solar Electricity Systems Used Around The World

Are we the solar electricity generation?

Thanks to progressive local, state and national policies and a bit of good, old ingenuity, businesses the world over are slowly going green. For years, many small business owners who had little in the way of investment capital only took marginal steps towards a greener way of doing business due to the high cost of solar power, wind generators and other green technology. Now that solar electricity systems are coming down in price, and more government programs are cropping up to help offset the initial investment cost, businesses everywhere are realizing the advantages of going green.


When most people think of wine, images of the Napa Valley or of an ancient vineyard in the Champagne region of France comes to mind. However, thanks to the seemingly never ending demand for new and fresh wines, every state in the union now offers at least one winery. In Oregon, a state that has long had a sterling reputation in the environmental movement, a number of wineries are now going solar. For many, it is a natural fit since the grapes are already being grown on south-facing hills, which is the proper direction in which to mount solar electricity systems. Even in the rainier parts of the state, solar panels have become as common as gas stations.

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Businesses aren’t the only ones getting in on the green wave. Charities are stepping up to the plate and doing their part to help those in need and mother earth at the same time. A recent Habitat for Humanity home built in Connecticut came complete with a rooftop solar panel array. According to officials with Habitat for Humanity, the family for whom the home was built can expect upwards of $90 per month in free power. It is unknown if more Habitat homes will come with solar electricity systems, but since many of these homes are built for the underprivileged, it is logical that a low cost, or even free, form of renewable power be provided as part of the home.

Sometimes, all a business needs to go green is a big, hefty reward waiting for it. A Hudson Valley company that creates and markets green technologies entered a contest to see if it could create more energy than it uses. The winning business receives a $10,000 reward. Currently, thanks to a series of solar panels and a groundbreaking (literally) geothermal system that cycles water underground, the 5,000&#43 square foot building pumps more energy back onto the grid than it takes out. Since the company itself sells similar solar electricity systems to consumers in New York State, it was a challenge the owners took very seriously. They say that a similar system could be set up for any small business in the area and for most homes.

When your business goes green, you not only save on your energy bills, you have an incredible marketing tool at your disposal.

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As more and more people jump on the greening bandwagon, businesses that have been ahead of the curve will surely reap the rewards.


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By Brent Crouch
Published: 2/11/2009