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Investing in Solar Energy

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The main advantage of solar energy is the fact that it does not pollute the air with carbon dioxide or any other harmful greenhouse gases, nor does it contribute to any harmful emissions. Because of its increasing popularity as an alternative cleaner energy source amongst environmentally conscious people around the world, solar energy demand now exceeds its supply which makes it a lucrative investment.

Solar energy has many different useful applications including the hybrid cars that are currently being manufactured by automobile companies and which are set to reach the market by 2012. Solar energy can also be used for domestic applications such as heating pool water, charging batteries, as well as to power outdoor lighting. Solar products such as solar tubular skylights and solar attic fans are also convenient to have fitted in your home because these have long lifespan and require very little maintenance. You may also use a solar powered oven for cooking meals at home.

The main advantage of installing solar panels in your home is the fact that they operate silently which works in the elimination of noise pollution. Solar panels are also convenient to have as you can easily increase their number as your energy requirements increase. Be sure to install your solar panels on a relatively large area if you want to get the most out of them. Another plus of using solar energy is that it is possible to generate more power than you consume, thus enabling you to profit by selling the surplus energy to electric companies.

Polaris Energy is a direct provider of . Polaris Energy’s alternative energy projects offer potentially lucrative Returns on Investment (ROI) for investors with a wide range of electricity production. There are several types of alternative energy investments that people can feel comfortable investing in. For more Information, visit them at:

Polaris Energy is a direct provider of solar energy investments. Polaris Energy is deals in solar energy investment. For more Information, visit them at:

Create Green Energy For Your Home

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Green energy is generally defined as energy sources that dont pollute and are renewable. As technology advances and a greater storage of solar collection materials is made available, more and more private investors will see the value of investing in this “green” technology and further its implementation much more. And, of course, wherever you live, by adding economical solar and wind power to your home yourself, you will help us reduce our consumption of the world’s natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Some homeowners are looking for alternatives like to make solar panels to create green energy for their homes in order to reducepersonal energy cots. Any person with basic knowledge with regular home tools should be ableto build their own renewable energy generator and get it up and readyto produce green electricity in no time. Even if you aren’t technically inclined, well illustrated instructions make constructing these panels a relatively simple project. There’s no best time to make your green energy home and start living your dreams in green.  

Best Green Energy Tutorial

Now, you can stop wasting your hard earned money on your electrical bill, and help save the Earth at the same time. Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to build a solar or wind-based electric generators that can save you loads of money on your electric bill for years to come.  

This is not a free guide, you will need to spend money for the guide $49.97. However, if you are serious and willing to put the time and effort into this project, then the money is of course well spent with future money saved from the power company. One of the main benefits of homemade energy is the amount of money you can save. You don’t just save money on your power bill, but by building solar panels yourself, you save more money on the cost of buying a solar panel.  

has been at the top of the digital book charts for quite a while now. There is good reason for that — this product is full of value and contains step-by-step information for anyone who even has an inkling that they’d like to live “off the grid.”

For starters, this package comes complete with the , step-by-step videos, a free gift discussing biodiesel, a section for purchasing parts you will need, and even tax rebate forms to use in order to claim what you deserve from Uncle Sam for making this “green” decision!

If you’re concerned about the startup cost that will come along with this, Michael understands where you’re coming from! He details specific ways you can get your solar panels for free. These tips alone are well worth the cost of purchasing the Earth 4 Energy products. This is an investment that can save you thousands of dollars per year — which is a great thing all on its own. For someone who has a hard time changing the oil in my car, following the instructions in the guide is amazingly simple and easy to do.

Literally discover how to easily build a renewable energy source of your own and by “going green” you are also helping out the environment too. There’s no best time to make your green energy home and start living your dreams in green. Find out more about Green Energy For Your Home

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Plumbers Must Have Green Energy Skills

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Plumbers need to take green energy courses because of the increasing investment in low carbon technologies, stated the chief executive of SummitSkills.

Keith Marshall said that future jobs and employment in the plumbing and heating sector depend on the ability of businesses and employers to develop the green energy skills to deal with the task of fitting environmental technologies.

During the recession many plumbing businesses that trained their staff through green energy courses to work in environmental technologies have seen considerable growth, claims Mr Marshall.

Green energy courses will benefit people who have completed plumbing courses as it will provide abilities to add to the existing sector skills set and job functions in the plumbing industry.

Keith Marshall said that people who have passed plumbing courses will “simply up-skill” through the additional training of green energy courses by learning the knowledge of how to install environmental appliances.

Plumbers who have completed green energy courses will have the competitive edge over others whether it is in relation to securing a new business opportunity or finding a job.

Keith Marshall said that it is the priority of SummitSkills to highlight the importance of green energy courses and they are actively encouraging employees and bosses to ensure that the right training is undertaken.

The Labour Budget in March outlined the intention of the United Kingdom to become a world leader in low carbon industries as well as a &pound2; billion investment bank to back low carbon initiatives.

SummitSkills has secured approval to build a National Skills Academy (NSA) which will help businesses through green energy courses.

The NSA will focus on developing design skills, product knowledge, commissioning and maintenance, and innovation so that plumbers are more confident when it comes to installing eco-friendly appliances.

Short green energy courses can initially help people get a grip on the important factors to consider, learn more about the new technologies and make right decisions, according to Keith Marshall.

He said: “This Building Services Engineering (BSE) Green Skills Academy will play a key role in ensuring that this skills capability is developed and that the BSE sector can become more proactive in promoting the green agenda to consumers and acting as a trailblazer for green skills.”

The British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association has offered full support to the recommendation that government should work in partnership with the electrotechnical industry on smart meters and a smarter energy network.

Able Skills provide training through plumbing courses and green energy courses. Able Skills have opened an Energy Saving Training Centre to provide approved training on the installation of energy efficient forms of heating and lighting.

Australia Making Great Strides With Solar Energy

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Australia is one of the leading nations to make the switch for solar energy and finally get rid of dirty and polluted fossil fuel combustions. Thanks to the efforts of the government to encourage the use of solar power through rebates and incentives there has been an exponential rise in the number of its citizens & businesses making the switch to . Statistics shows that Australia is one of the countries that have less carbon emission, though we are a progressive nation with a lot of manufacturing & industry.

Australia was blessed in almost every way to triumph in the search for renewable and clean energy. The country’s geographical position andweather conditions made it highly favourable for whether it is for home or commercial applications. The sun hours are long, wet season and cloudy days are less likely throughout the year, and solar panel system owners can maximize their energy production whole year round. Another physical characteristic that the country has is that the average home space of 200 square meters per home makesdecentralisation of energy production viable.

Aside from physical capacities the country also caters to another very important aspect in making any project a success, you guessed it right, funding! The Nation has one of the most comprehensive solar rebates and incentives schemes in the world, and though there is news that the solar multiplier will go down from 5 to 4 and will decrease more over the years, the scheme is still favorable and solar is making an excellent economic investment. The feed in tariff scheme in place also makes a very good deal for its citizens to make the switch to solar energy.

There are exciting times ahead in the next 5 years, as Australia is catching up to the world leaders in the large scale production of clean energy through massive solar energy parks, and the looming Carbon Tax provides strong incentive for industry to reduce their carbon emissions….. Every day home owners also have the opportunity to reduce or even eliminate their electric bills and reduce their carbon footprints as well, which is the primary global concern. This large switch to solar energy is also expected to lift economic growth and provide many new jobs, as well as provide individuals with lesser burden of bills and an opportunity for a new avenue of income via the tariffs.

Premier Solar is committed to being Australia’s leading Solar Power & Renewable Energy solutions provider for both homes and medium to large scale commercial solar projects. We are specialists in effective and affordable solar PV panel System design and use only fully certified installers and product components which pass all government standards and certifications, to enable our customers to access full discounts and rebates, as well enjoy the peace of mind of 25 year warranties from long established manufacturers.

Wind Energy Facts

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Wind has become a great source of energy to the earth. Wind mills and wind turbines have been built in various places to supply the energy need in the area. Studies have revealed that the wind, in fact, can produce energy. Wind energy is a natural form of energy.

When the energy is scarce, sources are needed.

Wind energy is actually a form of energy from the sun. Winds are the result of the uneven distribution of heat to the atmosphere. It is common knowledge that the heat spread in the north and south poles are way different from the heat being distributed on the places near the equator. Wind is caused and defined by the surface of the earth, and the body of water surrounding it.

Wind energy is generated using wind turbines or pin wheels. The wind turbines create mechanical energy, which then is converted into electricity. There are several types of wind turbines, but they fall on to only two groups. The first group is the most popular between the two. It is called the horizontal axis wind turbine. This group of wind turbine is like the conventional windmill usually used on early day farms to pump on water. The other group type is called the vertical axis wind turbine. This type looks like the popular egg beater. Whichever group of wind turbine is used to generate electrical power, you will still be able to yield a good result; provided, of course, that the amount of wind in your area is enough to power up the turbine.

Different areas also have different wind speed. Hence, the strength of energy being produced may become strong for some locations, yet weak for some other. One very good advantage of using wind energy is that is renewable as it is environmentally – friendly. No matter how much wind has been taken up to supply the energy need today, you will still find an abundant supply of this resource whenever you need it. Another great thing about it is that it is very much cost – effective.

Well, who sells wind and buys them? Nobody. You enjoy as much of it as you want. What you pay for is the installation of the wind turbines or windmill, but the raw resource is totally free. Although you may find investing on building up a wind energy generator, you will soon realize that you will get what you paid for in the future. The cost of investment may be high because the machineries to generate the energy is a little pricey, but the amount you will be able to save after deciding to get natural energy through the wind, is much, much higher than you paid for the investment. It is only at the onset of the project that you give out money, but in the long run, the maintenance is all that you need to take care of. No high electric bills to pay, and definitely no pollution. You have not only saved up, you also have not contributed to the environment’s destruction.

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Clean Energy At Micro Level

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

There is so much talk on clean energy today and about saving the planet from carbon footprints. However, most of the talks that are happening today on clean energy is happening only at the macro level. Many people even doubt whether clean energy production will work at micro level. Most of us are not aware of the options that are available to us when it comes to clean energy. With little bit of exploration, we will certainly be able to find clean energy solutions for our own homes and offices with minimum investment. Visit for more information

One of the easiest ways to tap into clean energy for your own homes is to install solar panels. This is ideal for countries that get plenty of sunlight. Installation of solar panels does not cost you much; you will be able to find affordable solar panel installation services. You will be able to use solar power for lighting purposes to illuminate your backyards, gardens, pathways. You just need to invest your money once and with that initial investment; you will be able to enjoy life long free lighting. Another common use of clean energy at micro level is to be seen in solar water heating systems. Already many countries are using solar water heating systems however; it will have greater impact if more people switch to solar water heating systems rather than using electrical water heaters.

If you can afford little more money, then you can go for wind turbines. The setting up cost might be on the little higher end and you may require a considerable amount of space to set up your windmill. Today you can find windmills to suit domestic use. Here again you can power most of your home appliances using this wind energy. However, viability of this option should be checked before you spend any money on the installation. You will have to check whether windmills be effective in your area. There is no point installing expensive windmills if they cannot produce the decent level of energy.

The entire drive on clean energy or renewable energy usage is to tap the potential of the natural energy sources wherever we can so that the other parts of the world in which renewable energy sources cannot be used will have access to non-renewable energy sources without any problem. When the demand for non-renewable energy sources is reduced, the cost of the non-renewable energy will also reduce.

Using clean energy will on the one hand reduce the cost of non-renewable resources and on the other hand, we will reduce the carbon footprints drastically. Everyone likes to receive free things but it is surprising that we have not used effectively the free energy that is all around us. It is high time that we changed our life style and switched to clean energy at every level possible not waiting for governments to impose laws and restrictions on energy usage. Clean energy at micro level will certainly have a great impact on our planet.

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4 Solar Energy Stocks To Invest Your Money On

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Solar energy is renewable energy. Although most countries still haven’t seen or experienced the full potential of solar energy, there is already a massive growth in the renewable energy industry. Many companies have now taken part in the creation of solar cells and panels that can convert the sun’s UV rays into energy. It would be interesting to watch the progress of this industry.

Expect the renewable energy industry to keep on growing in the next few years. And since there is an inflating demand for it, investors have also flocked to solar energy stocks. If you are also looking for , why not check out this opportunity?

Which company should you put your money on? Some of the companies listed that offer solar energy stocks are Aleo Solar, Centrosolar, Energy Conversion Devices, and Conergy AG.

Aleo Solar’s company turnover as of the first quarter of 2011 is a whopping € 553.5 million. They are one of the premium distributors of solar modules to the market that needs photovoltaic systems. Bosch Group, the company that produces some of the most stellar appliances today, has acquired a large portion of Aleo Solar AG. Since 2006, they have already been listed on the stock exchange and they are currently maintaining a strong presence globally.

Centrosolar is a company founded in Germany. This is actually one of frontrunners in the European stock exchange market. They specialize in creating PV or photovoltaic systems that cater to houses and industrial establishments.

Energy Conversion Devices, a company based in Michigan, produces Ovonics. This is an electronic field that utilizes materials that can change from the nonconducting state into a semi conducting state. This is essential in the progress of amorphous semiconductors, often used to create renewable energy resources.

Conergy AG is also a good contender in the stock exchange market. They are a part of the solar energy industry. As of 2007, they already had a turnover of about 706 million euros. They are currently listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Today, they already have subsidiaries worldwide. They cater to wholesalers, industrial roof owners, solar power investors and installers of solar energy.

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The Need For Increasing The Awareness On Clean Energy

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Clean energy has become the need of the hour as the entire world is depleting the non-renewable energy sources fast. On the one hand, the cost of non-renewable energy is continuing to increase and on the other hand, there is so much of free energy all around us that goes wasted without being used. We will reach a stage whereby there will be no energy resources left even if we are ready to pay a huge price.

However, we can save the situation to a great extent by tapping into the potential renewable energy or clean energy that is available free of cost. We certainly cannot go on depleting the nature’s energy sources and hope that it would last forever. We have already started receiving the warning signs and it is high time that we started thinking of alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, etc.

There is a dire need for increasing the awareness on clean energy. It is not enough that this topic is discussed in the government policies and at the top level. It is vital that conscientization on clean energy should reach grass root levels. It has to be spoken more widely so that it is no more just a government policy. Only when this topic is discussed more, we will be able to come up with more practical or more viable solutions on clean energy. For more information, please visit

The cost involved in producing clean energy or renewable energy is pretty high at the moment and this is being a discouraging factor or a hampering factor in the growth of this sector. One of the reasons why the cost of producing clean energy is high could be that the efforts being put in this area is not sufficient to come up with cost-effective solutions. Only when it becomes a popular concept that is being spoken about freely, we will be able to see the difference in this sector.

Clean energy should not be a topic limited to the top level officials and investors that have huge investment capacity. There should be a global drive on creating awareness on clean energy.

Awareness on clean energy or renewable energy can be increased in a number of ways today. The internet is one of the most powerful communication media of our era and by effectively putting into use this platform, we will be able to increase the awareness level on clean energy tremendously.

Clean energy will not only help us save our non-renewable energy resources but it will also help us save the planet as the carbon footprint left behind will be considerably lesser. We should be mindful of the harm that we are causing our future generations. All these should force us to act fast in finding the right clean energy solutions. Every individual has the responsibility towards building a safer planet. Only when we join hands, we will be able to create tangible impact in this area. Increasing the awareness level on clean energy is the first step towards that change the world needs.

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How Renewable Wind Energy Works

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

The most sustainable way to generate electricity is to harness the wind energy. The power that is produced by wind energy is clean as it doesn’t contribute to emission of heat trapping particles that are responsible for global warming. Apart from this its availability in abundance adds to its cost-competitive nature. It is a feasible alternative to the fossil fuels that not only add to global warming but a polluted environment.

There are many wind resources but the factors like how fast and how often it blows play a significant role in its power generation. Basically the power output as a cube of the wind speed. This means that if the wind speed doubles, the power output becomes eight times the original speed. Therefore areas where the wind speed is high are perfect for wind turbine installation. Now in case the wind speed is 7 m/s at a 10 meter height, it will be 8.5 m/s at 50 meters height. The wind speed increases at greater heights, so if you turbine tower higher, it will be able to capture more wind.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing resources for producing electricity across the world. Despite this expansion, wind power is relatively a smaller source of electricity supply and is just about 1% to the total electricity generation in the world. This is because many people think that it is a costly project but on the contrary now-a-days generating electricity from wind power can be done by investing less than $200. This is possible because there is lots of information on making wind turbine on the Internet. However with so many manuals out there, it becomes difficult to choose the one that is appropriate and gives clear instructions. Homemade energy is good manual that gives elaborate instructions in a clear fashion. The reader doesn’t get muddled up and it is available at the cheap price of $47 only.

The author has been into saving energy from past 5 years and now he invites you to understand how to save energy at home, at his website Renewable Energy 4 Earth. If you save energy, then you indirectly save money apart from reducing expenditures. Read more about the this concept, by visiting today.