Why Chose Solar Panels Sheffield For Your Home?

Before deciding to adopt a solar panels for your house, you should take into account 3 major issues: do you have a sunny place to put it; is your roof strong enough, do you need planning permission? We are going to develop each of these issues, starting with the first question: do you have a sunny place to put it? You can thing about a sunny surface if you see that your roof or wall faces within 90 degrees of south and it is not overshadowed by trees and buildings.

Take into consideration that if you surface is shadowed a part of the day, the system will generate less energy and will not be so productive. Solar panels are heavy, so you better get your roof or wall resistance checked before starting this process. You do not need a special permission on England, Wales and Northern Ireland as long as you respect the solar panel`s size.

There are several benefits that you can get from a solar panel such as solar panels Sheffield: cut your carbon footprint, cut your electricity bills, sell electricity back to the Grid and store electricity for a cloudy day. You should know that once you have paid for the initial installation, you will not have to pay for extra things: the sun is free and a typical home PV system can produce around 50% of the electricity of a household uses in a year. If your system is more productive than you initially thought, you can share or sell the extra energy. This system allows you to prepare for cloudy days with some batteries in which you can store the extra electricity from a sunny day.

In UK, you can find many companies that have seen an opportunity in solar electricity panels and one of them is 1 Solar Sheffield. This company takes care of its clients and before trying to convince them that they represent the best choice, they gradually explain the benefits of solar panel electricity and they suggests fixed prices for their products. They have exposed on their website the reasons for choosing this kind of energy. One of the reasons for choosing solar panels in this period is that you earn a tax free, index linked income guaranteed for 25 years.

Choosing One Solar you can save your current electricity bills between 30%- 80%. In case you do not use the entire energy you are producing, you will get paid for it and the extra energy will be exported back to the grid: it`s a win- win situation. Some may wonder how long until they get their money back from such an investment. The answer can vary because all depends on the system installed, but on average, the specialists estimate that a pv system usually takes between 5 and 6 years to pay for itself.

Many people who want to start using this system wonder whether it will be efficient in winter or not. That`s why it is important to clarify that solar power depends on intensity of light, not necessarily direct sunlight. The energy will be produced even though it`s overcast.